Our turnaround times are based on the complexity of the design, but typically we can complete orders in 3-10 business days. If you need your order by a specific date, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate. 

Capabilities - Standard Screen Printing

Standard Screen Printing

This is what you'll get every time if you don't elect for a specialty print process. Standard plastisol inks color matched to your specs and printed onto shirts of your choice. Under bases and halftones, and highlight whites (oh my!). 

MINIMUM ORDER 24 pieces for 1 to 3 colors, 50 pieces for 4+ colors 

Capabilities - Vintage Soft Hand Printing

Vintage / Soft Hand Printing

Right out of the gate, THIS LOOKS / WORKS BEST ON LIGHT COLORED GARMENTS! Vintage / soft hand inks are made through a process of chemically reducing the ink. The ratio of solids drops and yields a thinner deposit of ink that is also softer to touch. On the flip side, reduced solids = reduced opacity. Maybe that's what you're going for though and you want a faded print on a black shirt, well this is for you. Otherwise, if you want as close to a no-hand feel as you can get using plastisol inks and you're stoked on a light colored tee then vintage soft is the way to go. 

MINIMUM ORDER 24 pieces  

Tonal Printing

Water based/Discharge Printing

Have you ever closed your eyes, laid your hand onto a shirt and just felt the print... but didn't feel it? How is that possible?! I'm dumbfounded?! (question mark?). Chances are that print was done with water based discharge or "burnout" inks. The ink penetrates and actually re-dyes the color of the fabric. The main drawbacks are that the shirts should be washed prior to being sold / worn, and that higher end shirts with reactive dyes must be used. Color matching also goes out the window to a degree, it still holds on by the fingertips but it's not it's regular self, faced with the reality of death and all... NOTE: Not all shirts will discharge properly. Shirts with reactive dyes must be used. Thread count is important; 30/1 100% ring spun cotton tees are ideal. Certain colors will not discharge correctly. Royal Blues, Purples, Teals, and some Kelly Greens. 

MINIMUM ORDER 72 pieces  

Full Color CMYK Printing

Full Color CMYK Printing

Need a full color image re-created on a light colored t-shirt? Through the use of halftones, angles, and ink mixing we can trick your eyes into thinking that there's really a photo of you kissing a dolphin from your family vacation when you were 6 printed on a gross of shirts. Why you got them no one knows, but you can rest assured knowing that all they're looking at is a bunch of random dots, or on a deeper level a whole bunch of energy vibrating at random frequencies. 

MINIMUM ORDER 144 pieces 

Foil Applique Printing

Foil Applique

Foil! People love it. It's shiny! Ooooh. Foil prints are achieved by heat pressing sheets of foil over the top of plastisol ink. The foil sticks to the ink once it's peeled away and leaves you with a shiny print.


Folding Poly Bagging

Folding/Poly Bagging

Do you want to minimize your time packing and shipping orders? Do your retail vendors require you to send your items in individual packs? We can fold your shirts, insert them into poly-bags and even apply a size sticker to make your life as easy as can be. Price varies by quantity.

MINIMUM ORDER 50 pieces  

Hang Tagging

Hang Tagging

Want a retail ready product complete with hang tag? We've got tens of THOUSANDS of those little plastic hangers just waiting for your shirts. Whether through the tag or a seam we can prep your order for retail.